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Investments in business and in property in Greece

by Ella on February 6, 2019
Investments in business and in property in Greece

Investments in business and in property in Greece that bring a guaranteed income to the property owners/investors are a hotel business, the purchase of a ready-made business, commercial premises, and apartments for the purpose of resale or rent.

Greece is – a unique azure sea of and golden sandy beaches, awarded with EU Blue Flags for cleanliness and safety, therefore, heightened investor interest in the purchase and construction of real estate in the coastal zone and popular historic settlements.

investment in greece

Investing in real estate in Greece is one of the most profitable ways to invest. First of all, we are talking about resort real estate, located on the peninsula of Halkidiki and numerous islands of Greece.

We offer you participation in investment projects of various scales and the duration of the investment period. The development of each investment project is based on a detailed analysis of the market, as well as the experience of our partners in the implementation of large investment projects in Greece.

Investment in Hotel business

An example of investment in the hotel business – the most revealing. The growth of profitability of resort real estate is provided in this country for many years and the dynamics of pricing allow you to extract significant benefits from the property a year after the purchase. However, the resale of the object is not the most profitable way to invest.

Investment in Ready business

Rhoa Enterprises has a wealth of experience in investment operations for the purchase of a ready-made business in Greece. The success of investments in this category is provided by a wide range of additional services: legal support related to registration, re-registration, liquidation of legal entities, consulting, auditing, business valuation, brokerage services.

The client of Rhoa Enterprises buys a ready-made business only after a comprehensive analytical study and expert evaluation. We assess the accuracy of the information provided by the owners about the true value of the objects and the profits. We provide the client with full information (location, number of divisions, fixed assets, and other assets, business reputation, etc.).

Investment in Commercial and Residential properties

Among the most profitable investment projects, we also include the purchase of commercial premises and residential real estate with a view to resale or lease. There is a huge assortment of offers of this category – from new buildings in the first building fund to premises requiring major repairs or reconstruction.

Investment in Marina (parking for yachts and other services)

Today in Greece is a new profitable type of investment – the purchase of a marina. Specially equipped parking for yachts in major tourist areas. The owner of the marina can create not only a berth but also provide various services: service departments, boathouses, lifts, repair shops, yacht refueling. Or it can arrange shops and restaurants. This type of investment is a great investment!

We invite investors, developers and other interested organizations to work together in the field of investing in Greek real estate.

Investments in business and in property in Greece

Investments in business and in property in Greece


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